Why I love Tom Hiddleston Game

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Why I like Tom Hiddleston game…

1. Favourite Tom character and why.

Wow.  I have honestly loved all of the characters he has played, even the ones who are seemingly unlikable like Loki and Freddie Page.  Hiddleston has this amazing ability (and TALENT) for giving characters so much more than what is written on a page.

 Freddie Page killed me, with every word he spoke he took a little bit more away from me but at the end of that movie, I couldn’t hate him.  He was just as broken as Hester, he was just as damaged and to give that to a character,  to an audience and to the writers is an unbelievable gift.  It speaks to his brilliance and hard work.  

Now all that being said…MAGNUS MARTINSSON is my favorite Tom character and I wish he had gotten more of an opportunity to flesh that character out, he would have made me cry and scream and laugh…(I also have a Tom as a police officer fetish apparently…*rolls eyes*

2. Favourite Tom movie and why.

Again, I have enjoyed all of them. But Tom and Shakespeare are a match made in heaven.  He has a command of that language that is supremely attractive and he is nothing less than a pleasure to watch.

I love his characterizations in Unrelated and Archipelago as well.  I am a huge fan of Joanna Hogg’s style of quiet film making and I loved both of those films.

3. What is Tom’s best feature (physical or emotional)?

His eyes and smile have to be his best physical attributes.  He has a kindness in his eyes but also a mischievousness that is very attractive.  And his smile is unreal. During the Loki in the glass prison cell in The Avengers, my HUSBAND leaned over to me and said, “that dude has a great smile, even when he’s being a dick!”  My husband was not wrong!

His best emotional feature is how present he always strives to be, whether it is in an interview or meeting fans.  Whatever his flaws are, which I’m sure he has some, the fact that he listens, that he makes you feel he cares, that is his strength.

4. What is it about Tom that inspires you?

To be honest the thing that resonates most about him for me is his attitude.  His many inspirational quotes are all summed up for me in “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”  We should. I should.  I will always be afraid, but life is too short, too precious to not do things that scare you.  That is how he has inspired me.

5. When I think of Tom Hiddleston I…

Smile.  I feel excited for all of the projects he will do, all the characters he will breathe life into.  I feel happy and lucky to have discovered his talent and to be able to go along on the journey of his career.

7. If Tom could narrate any book for you what would it be?

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  (and I have a favorite book of poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley that I would love to hear him read!!!)

8. My ideal date with Tom would be…

Movies.  Going to see movies that he loves and then dinner to talk about the things he loved about them, about their themes and where he feels they could have gone with the story.  I think he would be very interesting to talk to about films…and knowing actors as I do, I’m sure talking is one of his strong points!

9. If Tom could play any character in a movie, what would it be?

Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  I would actually love to see him play any comic character, cause I think he’s hysterical and I would love to see that!

10. If Tom Hiddleston was in my bed I would…

I would be very surprised indeed!  He would not be there unless he was sick and I was taking care of him!  I’d bring him soup and fluff his pillows and make him tea! *wink*

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Tom Hiddleston at The Avengers events.



More pictures of tom that I took :)

Eeep! New shirt! Looks like the same trousers, and those are definitely the same dorky white Vans slip-ons. But new shirt. Yay! Tom you know how to make me happy, don’t you?



Tom and those coat buttons. Another set I’ve been collecting.

I don’t know why he ever even bothers buttoning them up.

cause it’s sexy when he unbuttons them…


"If I lived forever, who knows what I would do?" he continues. "I would certainly get better at the piano. I would try to learn how to paint. I think I would try to read all the books I haven’t read. When I was a child, the house was full of books — the walls were lined with bookshelves — and I remember looking up at them once and thinking, ‘I wonder if I’ll ever be able to read all those books?’ and my mother said, ‘It’s all right; you’ve got loads of time.’ But actually we don’t have that much time — I know I won’t. There will be things I’ll miss out on."